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Living in the Netherlands with my wife and two cats.
Working as the Senior Windows System Engineer for the Cloud Hosting platform at ORTEC BV, a international software development company.

Some people call me a Joomla! Junkie and maybe I am.
Started in the time that Mambo existed and Joomla! came to life and never stopped using it.
Always busy with helping and organizing Joomla! events and meetings, like J! User groups, J! Extension Meeting, Pizza Bugs & Fun, Joomladays and other other events.
Working with the J! Usergroups in the Netherlands as the Regional Coordinator for the J! Certification program, helping a newly created team for the J! Education program in the Netherlands.
When there is some time left busy with translating Hikashop and RSJoomla! extensions next to testing fixes for issues created in the issue tracker.
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