[EN] Joomlatools Pages, a dynamic page generator for Joomla

For the rebuild of Joomlatools.com we needed a solution that allowed us to easily include, and update content on our site. Using Joomla articles and modules would make the site very hard to manage, so we scratched our own itch and Joomlatools Pages was born.

Pages is a dynamic page generator / developer toolkit for Joomla. It allows you to build web pages, forms, and even REST API's with very limited coding knowledge. Pages is 100% compatible with Joomla 3 and is build to blend in and work perfectly together with Joomla.

Pages takes Markdown files, custom HTML or PHP code churns through layouts to create a page. Throughout that process, you can tweak how you want the page to look, what data gets displayed in the layout, and more.

That's not all, pages can do quite a lot more:

- Include data from structured files, such as json, xml, yaml, ini, etc
- Use a collection to generate a listing
- Add additional content to a menu item, no modules needed
- Create forms and process form submissions
- Include a local or remote html page in your site
- Generate an RSS feed and/or sitemap
- ...

Pages has a flat-file bias, and doesn't require a database to work but you can use any kind of data source, like, getting data from an existing Joomla component, or from a different MySQL database or even from a headless CMS like Strapi.

Pages also brings improved caching, SEF handing and Open Graph support to Joomla, .. and even has multi-site support. And all of that without requiring PHP coding knowledge. If you know how to use notepad you are good to go.

At Joomlatools we are super excited about Pages and we decided to share it freely with the Joomla community. If you cannot wait, you can get started already:
https://github.com/joomlatools/joomlatools-pages/wiki and we are around to help on our developer chat: http://gitter.im/joomlatools/dev